Ontario will re-enter shutdown on Saturday, April 3rd 2021

The province of Ontario will be re-entering shutdown province-wide, including Oakville and Halton, on Saturday, April 3rd 2021, for at least four weeks. Here is important information you need to know.

Premier Doug Ford held a press conference yesterday to announce Ontario is "pulling the emergency brake" and Ontario will shut down as of 12:01 a.m. tomorrow - April 3rd 2021 for a minimum of four weeks.
The Premier said yesterday, "My friends, we're facing a very, very serious situation. We're fighting a new enemy: the new variants are far more dangerous, spreading faster and doing more harm than the virus we were fighting last year."
The four-week minimum of this new shutdown means all of Ontario, including Oakville and Halton Region, will remain in shutdown (unofficially known as the White-Shutdown level) until at least Friday, April 30th.
You can see the full announcement by the Premier on video:
According to the province, some measures in this shutdown will include:
  • Prohibiting indoor organized public events and social gatherings.
  • Limiting the capacity for outdoor organized public events or social gatherings to a five (5) person maximum - unless everyone (or all but one person living alone) are from the same household.
  • Prohibiting personal care services.
  • Prohibiting indoor and outdoor dining, limiting food service to take-out, pick-up and delivery only.
  • Restricting in-person shopping in all retail settings: this includes a 50% capacity limit on grocery stores and pharmacies and a 25% limit for all other retail.
  • Prohibiting using facilities for indoor or outdoor sports and fitness, including gyms.
  • All day camps are required to close. 
  • Limiting capacity at weddings, funerals, and religious services, rites and ceremonies to 15% occupancy per room indoors and to any number that can maintain two metres of physical distance outdoors.
(Note: the final rule for religious services does not include social gatherings such as receptions, which are prohibited for groups more than five.)
Some things you can do to help locally include getting vaccinated when invited to, shopping at local businesses (including take-out from restaurants who stocked this week thinking they would be open), wearing two-layer masks and staying home as much as possible.
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