Glen Abbey Golf Club moves to LPAT this summer

It's official: dates have been set for the case between the Town of Oakville and Clublink to come before Ontario's LPAT - the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (or what used to be the OMB; Ontario Municipal Board.)

The hearing to determine the fate of Glen Abbey Golf Club will begin on Tuesday, August 3rd 2021 and is scheduled to last "up to 19 weeks," according to LPAT. That means the hearings will likely continue to Christmastime this year.
This series of hearings and appeals began back in 2018, with Clublink corporation wanting to develop the land the golf course is on for both residential and commercial space.
But the Town of Oakville, a year before, designated the Glen Abbey property as a Cultural Heritage Site, and has been appealing to LPAT to prevent this commercial demolition and redevelopment from happening.
It's true that Clublink corporation owns the land, but it's also true the land is designated by the Town under the Ontario Heritage Act.
The details:
  • Glen Abbey is case #PL171084
  • The hearing is scheduled to begin on August 3rd, 2021 at 10:00am
  • Hearing will take place at Town Hall here in Oakville
A case management conference by phone is also scheduled this May (next month) to organize the hearing before it takes place. Full information about this case and its scheduled hearing is available online here with the list of upcoming tribunals in Ontario.
Many Oakvilleans are very passionate about this story and its outcome - and have worked for years now in their grassroots efforts to stop the redevelopment of Glen Abbey. This appeal hearing set for August will likely be the definitive answer on what lies ahead in the property's future.
Want to learn more about the property?
Glen Abbey first opened in 1976, designed by legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus.
While redevelopment would lead to 3,000 new residential units in town, the area is "not designated as one of the Town’s growth areas planned to accommodate major intensification and new urban development," according to the Save Glen Abbey foundation.
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