We Endorse Jeff Knoll

Stephen Sparling endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Stephen Sparling

Former Regional Councillor and
Past Chairman Oakville Chamber of Commerce

Councillor Jeff Knoll is a community leader that embraces change while respecting the past. Oakville continues to grow, and welcome new families, and Jeff shows an ability to make balanced and informed decisions for those new to the area while respecting the rights of those who have been here a long time.

Councillor Knoll is kind and courageous and, through his actions, shows leadership on all the important issues of the day. He loves people and shows it in a thousand ways

Wendy Donnan endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Wendy Donnan

Ward 5 Resident
Chair and Executive Director
Oakville Festivals of Film and Art

As a Councillors go, Jeff Knoll delivers excellent service and support to both his ward 5 constituents and to all citizens across Oakville. Councillor Knoll is always ready to lend a hand with anything from helping with government services to working with the OFFA board to make the Willson Oakville Film Festival happen every year. I am very happy that he is my Regional Councillor and wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for re-election this fall.

Steven Bright  endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Steven Bright

Resident, Ward 5

Having known Jeff for many years, in many capacities, I have always been impressed by his ability to clearly understand and articulate an issue and its context. Jeff listens then takes action, an approach that reflects his collaborative and effective leadership style. Jeff gets results on behalf of the people and the organizations he serves.

Carmen Santoro endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Carmen Santoro

President Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association

Councillor Knoll has a strong track record regarding community safety. He continues to support the modernization of emergency services which ensures that the citizens of Oakville have the highest quality protection they deserve. It is for these reasons that I endorse Councillor Jeff Knoll for re-election in 2022.

Paul Marai endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Paul Marai

Fomer Vice-Chair & Oakville Trustee
Halton Catholic School Board

I first met Jeff in 2003 and have witnessed first hand his dedication to our community. Jeff has been an active advocate for Oakville students and only enhances the partnership between the Town of Oakville and our school boards. We are fortunate that Jeff is our representative for Ward 5

Simon Miller endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Simon Miller

Ward 5 Resident

My family has known Jeff and Michelle Knoll for a number of years and we’ve crossed paths in many circumstances. In all cases these intersections were around the volunteering and community service they do. The list is extensive. Jeff has provided employment for my daughter and many others. The Knolls are important to the development of the community, and Jeff has my full support.

Jason Speers endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Jason Speers

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Knoll both as a Councillor and as a colleague at Film.Ca Cinemas for more than 20 years. More than most people, I get to see how tireless he is as an advocate for the Town and us, the residents. Jeff truly cares about what’s best for Ward 5 and Oakville as a whole and will relentlessly pursue it. I can also attest to how passionate he is about giving back to the community and supporting those in need – and - he can balance books. Jeff has my whole-hearted endorsement for Re-election this year. 

Paul Mittelstaedt

Resident of River Oaks and Lead Pastor at King’s Community Church

I have known Jeff for over 20 years, and I have been impressed with his engagement on behalf of his family and his community. I am a resident of River Oaks and have worked side by side as a volunteer with Jeff at a number of community events. As a Councillor, Jeff has been available and ready to serve his community - listening and engaging them in seeking out solutions to various issues. His work on behalf of those who are under-resourced has been greatly appreciated. As a husband, father and grandfather, Jeff has consistently demonstrated his commitment to his family. I wholeheartedly endorse his election as Town and Regional Councillor for Ward 5 in Oakville.


Mansell Serrano

Window Repair Technician
Oakville Resident

I was lucky to have been able to meet and work for Jeff Knoll at Film.Ca Cinemas for over seven years. How hard he works is an understatement. I don’t know how he does it. Jeff is a knowledgeable, passionate and caring man in everything he does. He has my full endorsement for re-election this year as I believe he truly cares about what is best for Oakville and Ward 5.

Amy McKenzie

Oakville Improv Theatre Company Oakville Resident

I have organized Jeff Knoll's murder. Twice. It wasn’t hard, but it was hilarious. Once was a cameo in our show Oakville’s Own Superhero and the second time he was stabbed in the back in Nightmare on Kerr Street. He can be a bit of a ham - which works pretty well for us. On top of artistically and charmingly laying down his life for our Company, he’s donated hundreds of complimentary tickets to his cinema for our family shows over the past nine years, as well as encouraging us with various shout outs, and just being a good listener when we needed it. Outside of Oakville Improv Theatre Company, I’ve personally watched Jeff be generous with his time to many other organizations, give freely of his resources, and champion his constituents. He's an all round renaissance nice guy. A vote for Jeff Knoll is a vote for the kind of Oakville I want to (and do) live in.

Finola Pearson

Finola Pearson

Ward 5 Resident

I’m giving my support to Jeff Knoll for re-election as Town & Regional Councillor for Ward 5.

Jeff has worked tirelessly to support events in our community and is always an email or phone call away to tackle neighbourhood needs. I’ve called on him over the years on issues of vandalism and loitering, snow removal and trail and park improvements. He’s always responsive and gets results.

Vote for Jeff Knoll as your representative for Town/Regional Councillor for Ward 5 on October 24th!

Crystal Ann and Zdenko Zuzic

Crystal Ann and Zdenko Zuzic

Ward 5 Residents

My wife and I love Jeff and will vote for him because of his community care, and the sincere help he gives to us seniors, no matter what our concern. 

David Panza endorses Jeff Knoll

David Panza

Ward 5 Resident

I had the privilege of working for Jeff Knoll at Film.Ca for many years. Throughout my time at Film.Ca, it was very clear how much he cared for the local community. He is a great, motivating leader, and I value the time I spent working under him. He has shown how hard he is willing to work for the people of Oakville and I fully support him in this re-election year.

E.J. Walker endorses Jeff Knoll

E.J. Walker

TipToe Music & Movies for Mommies Oakville Owner

Jeff is ALL about community. Famous for his work with the Town, and of course his starring roles in Film.Ca mini movies, anyone who has been to Film.Ca Cinemas knows that Jeff believes in providing affordable access to ALL Oakville families to enjoy time together. Movies for Mommies Oakville is a testament to his inclusivity for all. He is creative and brings laughter and joy to others, approachable and always willing to chat about bringing new ideas to life. Jeff is an important part of Oakville life.

James Linn endorses Jeff Knoll

James Linn

Environmental Advocate

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jeff and his family for over 30 years. I’m always amazed at Jeff’s energy, his vision and at times his crazy sense of humour. But most of all I’m impressed about how much he cares about his community and his constituents. Watching Jeff at Town Hall and community events shows me a man perfectly in his element and tells me Jeff is exactly where Oakville needs him to be, serving Ward 5 and the Town.

Dennis Timbrell endorses Jeff Knoll

Dennis Timbrell

Former MPP, Cabinet Minister 1971-1985
Jeff's Father-in-Law

As I told a number of people at their doors, 'the fact that a candidate's father-in-law comes out to support him has to tell you he's a good guy to vote for October 24th!'"

Tao Tao endorses Jeff Knoll

Tao Tao

Ward 5 Resident

I am very happy and confident with Jeff Knoll as my Ward 5 Regional Councillor, and comparing to other politicians I know, Jeff is not only our great representative, but very good friend for the neighbourhood. I have no doubt to choose him to be there to work for us. A good man and dedicated leader, Jeff has done very great job. There are lots of ways to see Jeff has such great desire to make Oakville the best place to live and Ward 5 a nice area for us to stay. It is my great honour to choose him as our Councillor as long as he is available.

Gary Pearson endorses Jeff Knoll

Gary Pearson

Ward 5 Resident

Everyone who works in the Arts in Oakville knows Jeff because he comes out in person to support our efforts to make Oakville Canada's Most Livable Town, from the point of view of the Arts. Festivals, music, book launches, film, theatre productions, comedy and art events have all been supported by Jeff, both on council and in person by attending and being part of it all. Jeff understands that the arts are all part of a good full life in Oakville and he has my vote.

Tori Nixon endorses Jeff Knoll

Tori Nixon

Oakville Resident

Jeff hired me as Manager of Communications and Community Outreach at Film.Ca right out of university. It changed my life and put me on a path that has led me to work at TIFF, IMAX and Deluxe.

The trust and guidance he gave me was such a wonderful way to start my career. I saw first-hand his commitment to community and passion for serving the people of Oakville, whether through his work as a councillor or through providing affordable entertainment and good jobs to young people. Many of the issues affecting Ward 5 also affect my family in Bronte Creek, such as air traffic noise, and I have no doubt that Jeff is the candidate with all Oakvillians' best interests in mind. I am very happy to endorse him.

Michael Howie

Former Editor, North Oakville Today (Abbey Oaks News)

Jeff has always been a strong advocate for his constituents, interested in their lives and what matters most to them. I am one of many people who has been fortunate to work with Jeff on community issues, find opportunity as a young person in his local business, and call him a friend. He has always gone above and beyond for this community, and there is no doubt in my mind that Oakville is stronger and more livable with Jeff Knoll as a Councillor.

Stephen Paquette

"He walks a good life"
Oakville Resident

While not many adults may know me, I would suggest to say that there is a strong chance I may have had the opportunity to meet your children. I work with the educational institutions in Oakville, promoting Indigenous awareness, and I am an active community member. One of the Indigenous teachings that I share is the importance of Community and Relationships. While I have only resided in Oakville for eight years, one of the names that was spoken to me often in terms of community and relationships was that of Jeff Knoll. Upon meeting Jeff, I very quickly sensed that these two values were very strong within him. It is my pleasure to support Jeff in his ongoing efforts to build relationships and build healthy and vibrant communities.

Farrukh Baig

Ward 5 Resident

My family and I support Councillor Jeff Knoll for re-election this October because he has been responsive to the residents' needs and cares about the community. He is hard working and believes that everyone's voice is important. Thank you Councillor Knoll for your dedication and commitment to Oakville!

Roxas the Rescue Beagle endorses Jeff Knoll

Roxas The Rescue Beagle

Ward 5 Resident

I first came to Ward 5 with a nice lady named Dolores who said she'd help me find a home. Boy, did she ever find me a great home! Jeff took me home and gave me treats and toys and my own bed. The Knoll family even taught me how to shake paws and roll over, and gave me a blanket I like to carry around! When I got sick, they made sure I was comfortable and had a nice doctor come visit me. When I got better they were so happy they gave me even more toys and treats! I'd vote for Jeff (but I'm not allowed to because of speciesism), and you should, too!