Update from the GTAA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority)

Update from the GTAA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority) on the progress towards implementing Six Ideas to reduce noise impacts for Toronto Pearson’s neighbours.

On November 8, 2018, NAV CANADA will be implementing new nighttime arrival and departure flight paths designed to fly over fewer residential neighbourhoods. NAV CANADA will use the new routes nightly between the hours of 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.

The new nighttime arrival and departure flight paths are known as Ideas 1 and 2 of the Six Ideas and relate to NAV CANADA’s role at Toronto Pearson. Lower demand and fewer aircraft in Toronto Pearson’s airspace at night provide an opportunity to use flight paths that impact fewer people.

These new flight paths will be permanent and are based on consultations with the community that took place in Spring 2018.

The Six Ideas represent a collaborative effort between the GTAA and NAV CANADA – with extensive input from our neighbours – to study and pursue new initiatives that help to manage noise for communities affected by operations at Toronto Pearson.

Ideas 1 – 4 focus on how airborne aircraft approach and depart Toronto Pearson. NAV CANADA is responsible for air traffic control and designing flight paths.

Ideas 5 - 6 explore the way the runways are used by aircraft arriving and departing Toronto Pearson. The GTAA is responsible for runways at the airport.

In Summer 2018 A Quieter Operations Roadmap: Public Engagement Report was released to capture what we heard about the ideas from residents across the region and provide timelines on associated recommendations.

Update on Progress


Ideas 1 & 2:
New Nighttime Arrival and Departure Routes
Implementation November 8, 2018

Idea 3:
Increased Speed on the Downwind
Implemented April 27, 2017

Idea 4:
Increase Quieter Continuous Descent Operation
Target implementation early 2019


Idea 5:
Summer Weekend Runway Alternation Program
Tested Summer 2018; next steps will be announced at the airport’s December 6 public meeting

Idea 6:
Updated Nighttime Preferential Runway System
Target testing in early 2019

We remain dedicated to keeping you informed of changes to operations, even those implemented by other operators at Toronto Pearson. Questions regarding these new nighttime flight paths are best directed to NAV CANADA, however we would be happy to help connect you to them.

As Canada’s busiest airport, Toronto Pearson understands its operations and the growing demand for air travel have an impact on surrounding communities, which is why we’re working toward reducing noise impacts for our neighbours. Other recent examples of this can be in found in our recent Five-Year Noise Management Action Plan


and our 2017 Best Practices Report in Noise Management.


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