Managing Development

The plan for growth happening today in North Oakville was laid down in the 1990s by the Region of Halton and the province. It takes a long time for official plans like those set by a previous generation to translate into construction.

And as Oakville has evolved and new leadership emerged, we’ve heard loud and clear that the rate of growth was alarming – so we’ve fought long and hard to slow it down. According to the plan developed in the 1990s, there were supposed to be 60,000 people there now, but our efforts have prevented that, and it’s nowhere near that level.

I will continue to support only sensible development that follows our official plan, that fits with the Oakville we call home, and that will help achieve our goal for livability for all residents.

  • Convinced Council to reject the Daimler Chrysler planning application in a 7-6 vote (past mayor voted to approve). While the Ontario Municipal Board ultimately approved the application, we won considerable concessions on the site plan.
  • Won support of Council to cancel sale of public works lands (past mayor was in favour of the sale) to a lumber yard and hardware corporation that was in total contradiction to the Uptown Core Secondary Plan and incompatible with the surrounding residential community.
  • Worked with my Local Council colleague Marc Grant, to get support and funding needed for the development of Memorial Park as an active community focal point with playground, washrooms, community garden and off-leash dog park.
  • Member of the Livable Oakville Council Subcommittee.

"Jeff has stood with residents and fought uncontrolled growth that past mayors and councils allowed since I first met him 18 years ago. There is no one better prepared and more experienced in Ward 5 to be a champion on this issue."

– Jason Speers