Issues & Opportunities

Every year we continue to listen to you and consult the community to create plans to achieve that goal. Every single person who cares about our future helps us get one step closer to being the most livable town in Canada.

Together, we will continue to work hard on Oakville’s livability – for everyone. We know we will always have issues to tackle and opportunities to consider – and I want to be there to address them for you with all I have learned as your councillor over the years. I’m excited about all we’re going to achieve together in the next four years. It’s a wonderful feeling to have such a worthwhile goal, with such a supportive community.

These are my priorities for the next four years:


I am going to keep working with my colleagues and staff to implement new methods and technologies so traffic keeps moving. With coordinated signals and road widening, as well as other improvements already approved and awaiting implementation, we’ve made a good start. I will continue to work on traffic improvements for you.


Making traffic flow isn’t just about making cars move efficiently through streets – we also need to improve and enhance our public transit system in coordination with GO Transit. Equally important is continuing to create and enhance safe and convenient pedestrian and bicycle routes to keep our community moving. Everyone’s personal mobility is important to me, and I will keep making sure you can get where you need to go in our town.


It is a sacred trust for me that taxpayer dollars must be respected and spent efficiently, and transparently. I will continue to keep the cost of government down while providing the services and infrastructure our families and community members want and need. At both the town and region, this is our way of doing business, and I will ensure we stay on course with continuous improvements. I am proud that at both the town and the region we have been able to keep tax increases below the rate of inflation and trending even lower! As a small business owner, I know the importance of sound financial management, and I will make it a priority for you.


The plan for growth in North Oakville was laid down in the 1990s by the Region of Halton and the province. It takes a long time for official plans like those from a previous generation to translate into construction. We’ve actually slowed down the rate of growth that was supposed to happen North of Dundas. According to the plan developed in the 1990s, there were supposed to be 60,000 people there by now – and it’s nowhere near that. I will continue to support only sensible development that follows our official plan, that fits with the Oakville we call home, and that will help achieve our goal for livability.


Halton is the Safest Region in Canada, and I’m very proud of the work I’ve done as a member of your Halton Regional Police Services Board. I look forward to maintaining this distinction and working with our team of sworn and civilian staff to further improve our already impressive public safety record.

Air traffic noise

I’ve heard from many Ward 5 residents who have been impacted by changes to air traffic and imposed on us. My family is affected, too, as we live directly under the downward leg and experience the unwelcome noise. I will continue to advocate for all of us with our Members of Parliament, NavCanada, Transport Canada, and the GTAA to fight air traffic noise. While this is a federal issue, I have spent the last five years as your voice to the powers that be on this nuisance, and I will not stop until we have a real solution.

Ward 5 improvements

A splash pad is on its way in College Park, and in August we opened an off-leash dog park as part of the fabulous evolution of Memorial Park. And even more is to come! We have an excellent track record of adding facilities, and I will be at committee and council meetings to ensure that this trend continues and the communities of Ward 5 get what we need.

On Glen Abbey

My position on Glen Abbey remains clear: I oppose any development of the Glen Abbey Golf Course. I have been opposed since day one, and I will continue to support the fight against this unwelcome proposal both as a Councillor and as a long-time citizen of Oakville.