Get Traffic Moving

I am going to continue working with my colleagues and staff at the town and region to implement new, innovative methods and technologies so traffic keeps moving. With coordinated signals and road widening, as well as other improvements already approved and awaiting implementation, we’ve made a good start.

I am also proud of my involvement in battling the growth north of Dundas as it was allowed and planned by previous generations. By reducing the speed of growth, we can improve infrastructure to mitigate and manage traffic-related concerns.

  • Serves as member of Halton Regional Police Services Board and ensures road safety is a priority
  • Getting Traffic Moving by supporting and approving the Regional Advanced Traffic Management System for implementation in 2019. This state-of-the-art traffic signal control system will enable coordination and communication with signals, and allow for real-time monitoring and signal control. This will help to make your commute safer, faster and less congested.

Jeff has always made time to listen to concerns about traffic in North Oakville. He goes to bat for residents to get answers and find solutions to ensure safe movement for everyone using roads in Oakville and Halton.

Michael Howie, past editor of North Oakville Today (Abbey Oaks News)