We Endorse Jeff Knoll

Gary Carr endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Gary Carr

Chair, Regional Municipality of Halton

Jeff has consistently supported our Regional plan to keep taxes low. For the past 11 years Halton tax increases have averaged 1/2 of 1%. Jeff has also been a strong Member of the Halton Regional Police Services Board helping keep Halton Region ranked the safest Region in Canada for 10 years in a row. Jeff has been a leader in the Halton Region plan that supports the health and well being of all residents in our community and I am pleased to endorse him and support his re-election in 2018.

Stephen Sparling endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Stephen Sparling

Former Regional Councillor and
Past Chairman Oakville Chamber of Commerce

Councillor Jeff Knoll is a community leader that embraces change while respecting the past. Oakville continues to grow and welcome new families and Jeff shows an ability to make balanced and informed decisions for those new to the area while respecting the rights of those who have been here a long time.

Councillor Knoll is kind and courageous and through his actions shows leadership of all the important issues of the day. He loves people and shows it in a thousand ways

Wendy Donnan endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Wendy Donnan

Ward 5 Resident
Chair and Executive Director
Oakville Festivals of Film and Art

As a Councillors go, Jeff Knoll delivers excellent service and support to both his ward 5 constituents and to all citizens across Oakville. Councillor Knoll is always ready to lend a hand with anything from helping with government services to working with the OFFA board to make the Willson Oakville Film Festival happen every year. I am very happy that he is my Regional Councillor and wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for re-election this fall.

Robert Patrick endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Robert Patrick

Past Chair, Support and Housing - Halton
Past-President of ROAR (River Oaks Association of Residents)

I am supporting Jeff Knoll because he has been proactive in representing us at the Region. Jeff is one of the few councillors who realizes we have residents with limited incomes living in this Town and Region. Jeff reaches out to this segment. Oakville can only be as liveable as it is for our low income residents. I endorse Jeff because he looks out for our most vulnerable residents.

Steven Bright  endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Steven Bright

Resident, Ward 5

Having known Jeff for many years, in many capacities, I have always been impressed by his ability to clearly understand and articulate an issue and its context. Jeff listens then takes action, an approach that reflects his collaborative and effective leadership style. Jeff gets results on behalf of the people and the organizations he serves.

Bill Smith endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Bill Smith

35 Year Oakville Resident and Community Volunter

I have known Jeff for many years and have always admired his strong devotion to the citizens of the Town of Oakville. He is a tireless promoter of all things Oakville and works hard to ensure his constituents have a constant, knowledgeable voice at Town Council. I currently sit on the Board of the Oakville Public Library and have witnessed, first hand, Jeff’s (who is the longtime Board Chair) tremendous leadership - as he steers the Library into its exciting future. I highly endorse his candidacy.

NAME endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Rev. Bill Sparling

Oakville, Ontario

Jeff's value system moves him toward concern, interest, caring and solving the assortment of issues that are being constantly presented by institutions, business and homeowners. Jeff Knoll cares about what is happening; he cares about the quality of life of Oakville; Jeff cares about his people. I have known Jeff for many years and he has achieved an excellent record in representing voters in Oakville and the Region of Halton.
You can put your trust in Jeff. No Problem!

Sukhwinder Singh Sandhu endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Sukhwinder Singh Sandhu

We have known Jeff since before his first term and could not be happier he made that choice to run for Regional & Town Councillor. Now, 18 years in, we’ve seen his hard work ethic and leadership bring forward important issues in all communities. I am pleased to endorse him for his re-election in 2018.

Carmen Santoro endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Carmen Santoro

President Oakville Professional Fire Fighters Association

Councillor Knoll has a strong track record regarding community safety. He continues to support the modernization of emergency services which ensures that the citizens of Oakville have the highest quality protection they deserve. It is for these reasons that I endorse Councillor Jeff Knoll for re-election in 2018.

Paul Marai endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Paul Marai

Vice-Chair & Oakville Trustee
Halton Catholic School Board

I first met Jeff in 2003 and have witnessed first hand his dedication to our community. Jeff has been an active advocate for Oakville students and only enhances the partnership between the Town of Oakville and our school boards. We are fortunate that Jeff is our representative for Ward 5

David Inch endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

David Inch

Captain B-787 (Ret'd) | Technical Consultant, Toronto Aviation Noise Group | Member, Oakville Mayor's Noise Advisory Group

As a 30 year resident of Oakville, I support Councillor Jeff Knoll's re-election in this year's municipal race. I have worked with Jeff for the past 4 years through his position as Chairman of the Mayor's Airport Noise Advisory Group and his position as Halton representative on the Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). Jeff's proactive work in the area of aircraft noise reduction has been a significant factor in the improvements that Oakville and Halton residents will begin to enjoy this fall. His tenacity helped to elicit action by Nav Canada and the GTAA and he was instrumental in a change of attitude toward community noise concerns at those organizations. Having worked with Jeff in committee, seeing his involvement with community activities and his dedication to the residents of Oakville and Halton, I take pleasure in endorsing his candidacy.

Sean Weir endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Sean Weir

Ward 5 Resident
Conservative Party Candidate
Oakville North-Burlington

As a former Ward 5 Town Councillor, Board Member of Halton Healthcare and Oakville Hydro Commissioner and Chairman, I understand the challenges that face community and political leaders. As an active member of our community, and a Ward 5 resident for 30 years, I pay attention to the affairs of our Town and Region. I am highly satisfied with Councillor Jeff Knoll’s performance as my Town and Regional Councillor. Jeff’s passion for public service and our community is clearly evident in everything he does. Therefore, I am pleased to provide my unqualified endorsement for his re-election this fall and look forward to working with Jeff for the next 4 years.

Cathy Duddeck endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Cathy Duddeck

Local & Regional Councillor
Oakville Ward 2

Oakville’s heritage is one of the cornerstones that our community has been built on ... without it this town would not be what it is today. It is not an easy task to protect our past while embracing our town’s future – especially given the development pressures we have today. Never has that become more evident than through our relentless battle to preserve one of this town’s jewels – Glen Abbey ! Jeff Knoll has always been one of the most steadfast supporters of this town’s heritage and whether working on the Oakville Heritage Committee or supporting the Trafalgar Historical Society ... we have relied on his strong voice at the Council table. Ward 5, and the broader Oakville community, needs to have Jeff at the table to continue his work in preserving our past, and protecting our future. We could not ask for a better champion to protect this town’s heritage then Councillor Jeff Knoll!

Denise Powell endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Denise Powell

Ward 5 Resident

Children are our future and there is nothing more important that being good role models for our own children as well as those of our community. Nobody knows this as well as Councillor Jeff Knoll. Jeff demonstrates through his words and actions his devotion to making our community a great place to raise children and to be a kid! I have witnessed him in action as an advocate for youth at council, supporting family and youth programs within Ward 5, being the long-terms Group Sponsor of Ward 5’s 1st Trafalgar Scouts, and a supporter of the Scouting movement in general, as well as employing and empowering young people through his business and more. For his dedication to youth and his service to our community, our family supports Jeff Knoll and we hope that you will too.

Natalia Lishchyna endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Dr. Natalia Lishchyna

Ward 6 Town Councillor

Councillor Jeff Knoll has been an incredible advocate for Oakville residents in Ward 5 and across our Town and Region. He is smart, thoughtful, hard working and genuinely cares for people. He has been great to work with at Town Council and I am very appreciative of his willingness to help me get up to speed when I joined Council three years ago. I have no doubt that Councillor Knoll will continue to give a 100% to his constituents and I look forward to working with him.

Rev. Cyril Guérette endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Rev. Cyril Guérette

I have had the pleasure to participate in the Remembrance Day ceremonies organized by Jeff Knoll for the citizens of Oakville, and have been very impressed by his passion, professionalism, and genuine heart to honour the sacrifice of the heroes of our Canadian Armed Forces. Councillor Knoll is a person who loves helping people move towards their full potential; I have seen up close his dedication to seeing our neighbourhoods flourish. We need Jeff to continue his tremendous work, and I wholeheartedly endorse his re-election to serve the community of Ward 5.

Jay Ritter endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Jay Ritter

Ward 5 Resident

I have known Jeff and his family since about 2005. He is a credible individual! A family man, a business man, a person who is so engaged into our community. He works so very hard at everything he engages into in our community. I could write pages!

Maria Bell endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Maria Bell


Jeff Knoll is a man with a big heart and as far as I’m concerned that is what is needed today - a leader with compassion, passion and determination concerning his community Jeff works hard to help Oakville and it’s residents - he’s always busy with a campaign to give back - he has created countless campaigns to benefit Oakvillians AND he has a great sense of humour - I believe that to be a great quality in a leader - someone who helps and always sees a bright way forward

Jamie Bay endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Jamie Bay

Ward 5 Resident / Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre Board Member

For the 12 years I have lived in Oakville I have known Jeff to be a strong advocate for the neighbours and neighbourhoods of North East Oakville. His commitment to the growth of the uptown core has seen the expansion of parks, community gardens, trails and retail in our neighbourhood. As a member of the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre Board of Directors it has been a pleasure to co-host the annual Fall Fair with Jeff. We have seen his desire to listen to, support and bring people together at this event for many years. I am thankful that Jeff is our Councillor and am glad to endorse him for re-election.

Simon Miller endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Simon Miller

Ward 5 Resident

My family has known Jeff and Michelle Knoll for a number of years and we’ve crossed paths in many circumstances. In all cases these intersections were around the volunteering and community service they do. The list is extensive. Jeff has provided employment for my daughter and many others. The Knolls are important to the development of the community, and Jeff has my full support.

Farrukh Baig endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Farrukh Baig

Ward 5 Resident

My family and I support Councillor Jeff Knoll for re-election this October because he has been responsive to the residents’ needs and cares about the community. He is hard working and believes that everyone’s voice is important. Thank you Councillor Knoll for your dedication and commitment to Oakville!

Ralph Robinson endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Ralph Robinson

Town Councillor - Ward 1

I have served on Oakville Town Council for the last 36 years, but I have decided to retire from a role that I have been honoured to hold representing a community I love. While I will miss serving the community, I leave knowing there are excellent Councillors like Jeff Knoll who will continue to work hard for the Town and Region. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff since his election in 2000 and I am pleased to endorse his candidacy for re-election this fall.

Tori Nixon endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Tori Nixon

Oakville Resident
Former Film.ca employee

Jeff hired me as Manager of Communications and Community Outreach at Film.Ca right out of university and it changed my life. The trust and guidance he gave me was such a wonderful way to start my career. I saw first-hand his commitment to community and passion for serving the people of Oakville, whether through his work as a councillor or through providing affordable entertainment and good jobs to young people. Many of the issues affecting Ward 5 also affect my family in Bronte Creek, such as air traffic noise, and I have no doubt that Jeff is the candidate with all Oakvillians’ best interest in mind. I am very happy to endorse him.

Syzan Talo endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Syzan Talo

Board Member, Trafalger Township Historical Society
Oakville Resident

Jeff Knoll is leader in our community who embodies putting action behind values. Jeff is one of those few people you meet in life that put his arms around a community and doesn’t let go. His selfless commitment to the community has touched many lives including mine. I have been fortunate to work alongside Jeff in many community activities and his “let’s do it” attitude is infectious and unwavering. He is Oakville’s biggest fan and works hard to improve the daily lives of those citizens lucky enough to call it home.

Blair Hains endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Blair Hains

Former Town Council Candidate

I have had the opportunity to work with Jeff personally, professionally and politically for over 20 years. Regardless of the task, he always gives 100% to the issue at hand. His dedication to not only to his Ward 5 constituents but to the entire Town of Oakville is evident in everything he does. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff for another four years as the Town and Regional Councillor for Ward 5.

Mark Bettiol endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Mark Bettiol

Trustee, Oakville Public Library Board

I have had the incredible pleasure of serving on the Oakville Library Board with Jeff for the past 8 years. Jeff has the integral skills of a mindful parliamentarian, who reaches for real solutions to complex issues. His passion and energy keep the ideas moving and his unwavering commitment simply gets things done. Jeff is a true Oakvillian and I hope he has the opportunity to continue his mission on council to keep Oakville great. I am pleased to endorse his candidacy for re-election.

Harby Rakhra endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Harby Rakhra and Family

Our family is pleased to support Jeff Knoll in his re-election as Councillor. Jeff has extensive experience in government, private and non profit sectors. He is hard working, approachable, compassionate and has been a strong advocate for residents in Oakville. He has been a dedicated and an invaluable asset on the Town and Regional Council.

rhodora-ramos endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Rhodora Ramos

Ward 5 Resident
Small Business Operator

Beyond a doubt, Jeff Knoll is the most qualified person and excellent councilor, the ward 5 ever known. I am proud to say that Jeff Knoll is hard-working, intelligent, experienced and deserves to be re-elected. As a businessman & a politician, Jeff exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness.

Raja Kuppuswamy endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Raja Kuppuswamy

Ward 5 Resident
Small Business Operator

It is my immense pleasure to endorse Jeff Knoll for the re-election of Regional & town Councilor in Ward 5. I have known Jeff since 2009 and worked with him in numerous community events. I always admire Jeff dedication to the community betterment. He is hardworking, honest, tireless, detail oriented. He wholeheartedly supports growth small businesses in Oakville. I am absolutely delighted that he wants to stay in the council and serve the community, because Oakville needs more of Jeff Knoll and he has lot more to offer.

Jason Speers endorses Jeff Knoll for Oakville Ward 5 Regional Councillor 2018

Jason Speers

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Knoll both as a Councillor and as a business partner for almost 18 years. More than most people, I get to see how tireless he is as an advocate for the Town and us, the residents. Jeff truly cares about what’s best for Ward 5 and Oakville as a whole and will relentlessly pursue it. I can also attest to how passionate he is about giving back to the community and support those in need – and - he can balance books. Jeff has my whole-hearted endorsement for Re-election this year. 

Paul Mittelstaedt

Resident of River Oaks and Lead Pastor at King’s Community Church

I have known Jeff for over 20 years and I have been impressed with his engagement on behalf of his family and his community. I am a resident of River Oaks and have worked side by side as a volunteer with Jeff at a number of community events. As a councillor Jeff has been available and ready to serve his community - listening and engaging them seeking out solutions to various issues. His work on behalf of those who are under resourced has been greatly appreciated. As a husband, father and grandfather Jeff has consistently demonstrated his commitment to his family. I wholeheartedly endorse his election as Town and Regional Councillor for Ward 5 in Oakville.

Patrick Chambers

Oakville Resident

I am so happy to endorse Jeff Knoll for re-election as our Ward 5 Oakville Town Councillor. Accessible, responsive, engaging, uncompromising integrity, courageous, visionary, committed to hard work, respectful, a servant’s heart and healthy family values, are some of the characteristics that make a great leader. We are fortunate to have a representative in our ward 5 counsellor, Jeff Knoll, who has consistently demonstrated these values over the last 18 years, of representation. Through the tireless efforts of Jeff and fellow council members, Oakville has consistently been recognized as the best place to live and raise your family. This enviable distinction is highlighted by lowest crime levels, amazing community recreational facilities, well managed growth, great schools, heritage preservation, culturally diverse and inclusive community...and more. This great work has to be continued and the engaging, responsive approach by Jeff, is key to ensuring that our town continues to progress and exceed every metric for a strong, healthy and prosperous community.

Natalie Phillip

Ward 5 Resident

Jeff Knoll exemplifies family values in our community and has proven this to me over the years where he has become a vital member of our family and welcomed myself and my children into his. He is reliable and always prepared to be supportive to the residents of Oakville. I am confident that he will continue to treat the residents of ward 5 with as much dedication as he does his own family. Over the years Jeff has proven this to not only myself but my children as well. I am a single mother of three children and I am truly grateful to the Knoll family, especially Jeff, for taking the time to speak to me about my hardships and help me with his words of wisdom. I recently lost my son in a tragic accident, and as soon as Jeff and Michelle heard the news they immediately came to our side making sure to assist me in anyway possible by thinking of things I could not even focus on while my son was hospitalized until the very end. They gave me encouragement and security knowing that they will continue to be there for us in anyway that they can through our time of grief. His actions have been priceless during my family’s time of need, and I know that his vision for Ward 5 is the right direction for our community.


Mike Johnston


I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff when I was employed at Film.Ca Cinemas. Under Jeff's leadership, I felt that I was a part of an organization that supported the local community, listened to the feedback of its customer base and always went the extra mile to reach out to those less fortunate or overlooked. Personally, Jeff provided me with experience working on his TV show set. This led me to more exciting opportunities in the film industry and helped start my career to get it where it is today. I endorse Jeff Knoll for Town and Regional Councillor in Oakville's Ward 5.


Mansell Serrano

Window Repair Technician
Oakville Resident

I was lucky to have been able to meet and work for Jeff Knoll at Film.Ca Cinemas for over 3 years. How hard he works is an understatement. I don’t know how he does it. Jeff is a knowledgeable, passionate and caring man in everything he does. He has my full endorsement for re-election this year as I believe he truly cares about what is best for Oakville and Ward 5.

Paul McNally

Oakville Resident

It is a great pleasure to endorse Jeff Knoll for re-election as Ward 5 Oakville Town & Regional Councillor. I have known Jeff for 10 years and this is a man dedicated to excellence. Honest, hard-working, grateful and humble servant to his community, great listener, good family man and local entrepreneur.

In short, he cares, he shows up daily, he lives the Oakville vision. A tireless worker, somehow he’s on the Police Services Board, Chairs the Oakville Library Board, constantly pushing Ward 5 forward for the residents, active in Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre and is CEO if Film.Ca Cinemas, clearly the best theatre experience in the Region. To be recognized as ‘the best place to live’ it takes the integrity and tenacity of people like Jeff Knoll.

Michael Howie

Former Editor, North Oakville Today (Abbey Oaks News)

Jeff has always been a strong advocate for his constituents, interested in their lives and what matters most to them.

I am one of many people who has been fortunate to work with Jeff on community issues, find opportunity as a young person in his local business, and call him a friend.

He has always gone above and beyond for this community and there is no doubt in my mind that Oakville is stronger and more livable with Jeff Knoll as a councillor.

Amy McKenzie

Oakville Improv Theatre Company Oakville Resident

I have organized Jeff Knoll's murder. Twice. It wasn’t hard, but it was hilarious. Once was a cameo in our show Oakville’s Own Superhero and the second time he was stabbed in the back in Nightmare on Kerr Street. He can be a bit of a ham - which works pretty well for us. On top of artistically and charmingly laying down his life for our Company, he’s donated hundreds of complimentary tickets to his cinema for our family shows over the past nine years, as well as encouraging us with various shout outs, and just being a good listener when we needed it. Outside of Oakville Improv Theatre Company, I’ve personally watched Jeff be generous with his time to many other organizations, give freely of his resources, and champion his constituents. He's an all round renaissance nice guy. A vote for Jeff Knoll is a vote for the kind of Oakville I want to (and do) live in.

Rev. Dr. Trevor Bisbin

I have known Jeff Knoll for well over a decade. His character, creativity and social conscious is an inspiration. Jeff is principled, caring and loves his community. My favourite memory of Jeff isn't his leadership in the Oakville-wide food drive, or his advocacy for local businesses, but the time he took our 8-year-old son on Pirates of the Caribbean at DisneyLand, because as Jeff described, "it's awesome." Jeff Knoll is the real deal and a great community leader!

Siobhan Leigh

Ward 5 Resident

I am thankful every day my family chose to move to Ward 5! What makes it great? Jeff’s hard work on parks and trails that keep coming, the walkable amenities in many neighbourhoods that are growing, the small businesses that open along with residential development, the frequent and prioritized bus routes, and making sure that all the young families can be out and about together. I could go on forever! I feel very blessed to call Oak Park home, and grateful that Jeff Knoll is our representative.

Becky and Scott Stewart

Former Ward 5 Residents

Jeff genuinely cares about the people who call Ward 5 home. His presence is one of the things we miss most about living there. As such, he's the only choice to make in October.

Finola Pearson

Finola Pearson

Ward 5 Resident

I’m giving my support to Jeff Knoll for re-election as Town & Regional Councillor for Ward 5.

Jeff has worked tirelessly to support events in our community and is always an email or phone call away to tackle neighbourhood needs. I’ve called on him over the years on issues of vandalism and loitering, snow removal and trail and park improvements. He’s always responsive and gets results.

Vote for Jeff Knoll as your representative for Town/Regional Councillor for Ward 5 on October 22nd!

Terence Young endorses Jeff Knoll

Terence Young

Former Oakville MP and MPP

I have known Jeff for 30 years and over that time I have known him to be a thoughtful and hard-working advocate for his community. When I first won my election in 1995, Jeff joined my staff at Queen’s Park and helped me serve my constituents and further the business of the government of Ontario.

For many years, we both served the College Park portion of Ward 5 when I was Member of Parliament for Oakville. During that time, I had first hand knowledge of his commitment to the needs of our constituents and the passion for the betterment of the town and the region.

Jeff Knoll is an excellent public servant and I am pleased to endorse him to voters in Ward 5! Jeff has a great understanding of how governments work and stands up for individuals and families.

Crystal Ann and Zdenko Zuzic

Crystal Ann and Zdenko Zuzic

Ward 5 Residents

My wife and I love Jeff and will vote for him because of his community care, and the sincere help he gives to us seniors, no matter what our concern. 

Don Howie endorses Jeff Knoll

Don Howie

Oakville Resident

Jeff has always been available to listen and provide insight, regardless of the issue. What's more, he has been able to provide solutions to issues at both the Town and Regional levels for my family.

David Panza endorses Jeff Knoll

David Panza

Ward 5 Resident

I had the privilege of working for Jeff Knoll at Film.Ca for many years. Throughout my time at Film.Ca, it was very clear how much he cared for the local community. He is a great, motivating leader and I value the time I spent working under him. He has shown how hard he is willing to work for the people of Oakville and I fully support him in this re-election year.

Sandra Armstrong-Edmondson endorses Jeff Knoll

Sandra Armstrong-Edmondson

Ward 5 Resident

Oakville really is the best place to live in Canada, and with a Councillor like you, it will remain the best town in the world! Thank you, Jeff Knoll, for all you do for our town. You have our votes!

Jason Barton endorses Jeff Knoll

Jason Barton

Ward 5 Resident

In my experience Jeff is the kind of politician we need. He is responsive, and always available to listen and provide meaningful insight. That input often is translated into tangible solutions for the people in the community he represents.

His willingness to have the discussion and stay focussed on the people within his ward should not be overlooked. It’s not about party lines for Jeff, it’s about his constituents and doing the right thing when possible. Therefore, I have and will continue to support Jeff.

Brendon Gomez endorses Jeff Knoll

Brendon Gomez

Ward 5 Resident

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jeff for a number of years. In that time I’ve seen his passion for our Ward 5 community, in particular with his involvement and support of Arts/Film and his annual Oak Park Fall Fairs. He has brought communities and cultures together at these events and we thank him for all his hard work as he continues to contribute to our great, unique Oakville neighbourhood.

Kelly Luscombe endorses Jeff Knoll

Kelly Luscombe

Ward 5 Resident

It is with great pride I endorse Jeff Knoll and fully support his re-election. Jeff is an avid advocate within the Oakville community and works tirelessly to make Ward 5 the safe and terrific community that it is. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff within the community and I admire his passion, his integrity, and his desire to work for the residents of Ward 5. Jeff inspires me to advocate and work hard within the community I live. Jeff is a loyal friend, family man, local business man, and politician. I am confident Jeff Knoll will continue to do the stellar work he has done for the last 18 years.

Robyn Connolly endorses Jeff Knoll

Robyn Connolly

Oakville Resident

I have known Jeff for approximately eight years. Jeff was an early adopter of social media and it has been fascinating watching how he has used social media for both his business at Film.Ca and his political career. While I live in Oakville, I do not reside in Jeff’s riding. However, I can honestly say that I have learned more from Jeff (and Marc Grant) about what is happening in Oakville than I have from any other Oakville politician, including those in my own riding. I have no hesitation in supporting Jeff in his re-election campaign.

Nicole D’Angelo endorses Jeff Knoll

Nicole D'Angelo

Oakville Resident

Jeff Knoll, I used to live in your ward, but now live in Glen Abbey. I wish I could vote for you again! Thank you for the good work you have done for Oakville, both as a councillor and with Film.Ca. You do so much for the community. When the minimum wage went up, you did not behave as Tim Hortons did and there was no negative effect to your Film.Ca staff. I was very impressed with this. When I went to vote at Film.Ca in June, I got a free mini-popcorn. It’s the little things like that which make us feel like you care. You have other initiatives like the angel fund at Film.Ca which are so kind and helpful.

As you can see, the list can go on and on… thank you again for all you have done.

Ann Luscombe endorses Jeff Knoll

Ann Luscombe

Ward 5 Resident

I greatly admire Jeff’s approach to representing Ward 5. He is out there ensuring each and every problem he encounters is addressed fully, and he commits to every project 100%. He is totally committed to representing Ward 5, even us seniors, in a very friendly and professional manner. Jeff is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, too. I have never seen a politician who’s so public. I believe this approach of Jeff’s to get to know the people and their needs, and the manner and respect he gives to all, is going to help maintain his position as Local and Regional Councillor for Ward 5. Jeff is the one who will continue to go to battle for us. Jeff has my vote with no doubt whatsoever in my mind.

Tammy Butler endorses Jeff Knoll

Tammy Butler

Ward 5

Jeff Knoll is the reason Ward 5 is as great as it is. The dedication he has to his community is top notch. Jeff always works hard to find a solution to any problem that is presented to him. He stands behind what he says 100%. We will be voting for Jeff Knoll again.

E.J. Walker endorses Jeff Knoll

E.J. Walker

TipToe Music & Movies for Mommies Oakville Owner

Jeff is ALL about community. Famous for his work with the Town, and of course his starring roles in Film.Ca mini movies, anyone who has been to Film.Ca Cinemas knows that Jeff believes in providing affordable access to ALL Oakville families to enjoy time together. Movies for Mommies Oakville is a testament to his inclusivity for all. He is creative and brings laughter and joy to others, approachable and always willing to chat about bringing new ideas to life. Jeff is an important part of Oakville life.

Dolores Doherty endorses Jeff Knoll

Dolores Doherty

Ward 5 Resident
Founder of A Dog's Dream Rescue

I first met Jeff when he adopted Roxas (a rescued beagle) and gave him a home. I have learned how much he’s supporting local organizations through Film.Ca cinemas and how very hard he works for the Town. Jeff is a genuine, sincere person. If he says he is going to do something, you can rest assured he will do everything he can to make it happen. I can’t endorse Jeff highly enough – he’s got my vote for sure.

Michael Laskaris endorses Jeff Knoll

Michael Laskaris

Lifelong Oakville Resident

I have known Jeff Knoll for over half of my life. As the CEO of Film.Ca Cinemas, Jeff hired me to work my first ever job where I spent the entirety of my high school days as an employee. Throughout those years, Jeff portrayed many values as a leader and role model in the workplace. He was determined to make our working environment the best it could possibly be. He was devoted to ensuring that we, as employees were happy and that our voices were always heard. No matter the situation, Jeff treated all employees fairly and equally and with utmost respect. His dedication to the customer experience was second to none, and it started with us employees. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff during his campaign several years ago. Being able to witness, first hand, his interaction with the citizens of our community was eye opening. His passion for making our movie theatre the best it could be is exactly the same passion he has when it comes to our community as a whole. I have zero doubt that Jeff has brought and will continue to bring those same values he showed me many years ago to our community every single day.

James Linn endorses Jeff Knoll

James Linn

Environmental Advocate

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jeff and his family for over 30 years. I’m always amazed at Jeff’s energy, his vision and at times his crazy sense of humour. But most of all I’m impressed about how much he cares about his community and his constituents. Watching Jeff at Town Hall and community events shows me a man perfectly in his element and tells me Jeff is exactly where Oakville needs him to be, serving Ward 5 and the Town.

Tom Adams endorses Jeff Knoll

Tom Adams

Ward 6 Councillor

I’ve worked with both Jeff and Ann. As the longtime Chair of Oakville’s Budget Committee, I appreciate the way Jeff has been so supportive of our strategic directions to control both tax supported debt and taxes, while building and maintaining our infrastructure and facilities. Jeff is the preferred candidate.

Kim Millan endorses Jeff Knoll

Kim Millan

Ward 5 resident, Past Executive Director, Oakville Humane Society

When I think of Jeff Knoll the follow thoughts are front and centre: community minded; dedicated to not only his constituents but to all of Oakville’s needs; fair and conscientious in his decision making at council; willingness to listen to residents’ concerns; and, through a variety of communication methods strives to keep residents informed of Oakville matters. Jeff gives back not only in his personal life but also through his business Film.Ca as well. He has been a strong and visible supporter to the Oakville Humane Society raising awareness and much needed funds for the animals in our community. Jeff is a dedicated councillor never too busy to meet residents and listen to their thoughts and ideas.

Gerome Nash endorses Jeff Knoll

Gerome Nash

Oakville Resident

I had the pleasure of working for Jeff Knoll not only as an employee, but as a fellow contributor to works he has produced. Jeff is a genuine and driven individual who is always doing his best to entice and better his community with fresh ideas and youthful spirit. A natural leader, Jeff inspires respect. He has a unique ability to adapt to different people in ways they can relate. Though focused on many different goals and aspirations, Jeff always manages to deliver quality and effective results in each and everything he does.

Stephen Paquette endorses Jeff Knoll

Stephen Paquette

Oakville Resident

While not many adults may know me, I would suggest to say that there is a strong chance I may have had the opportunity to meet your children. I work with the educational institutions in Oakville, promoting Indigenous awareness and I am active community member. One of the Indigenous teachings that I share is the importance of Community and Relationships. While I have only resided in Oakville for four years one of the names that was spoken to me often in terms of community and relationships was that of Jeff Knoll. Upon meeting Jeff, I very quickly sensed that these two values were very strong within him. It is my pleasure to support Jeff in his ongoing efforts to build relationships and build healthy and vibrant communities.

Jeff Parker endorses Jeff Knoll

Jeff Parker

Oakville Resident
Owner, Instant Imprints

As a local businessman, I am glad to have a councillor who understands the importance of business in the Town of Oakville. Jeff’s insight, through his many years at Film.ca is a valuable asset to the business community.

Barb Howie endorses Jeff Knoll

Barb Howie

Oakville Resident

Jeff has always supported my family and been a go-to resource when we have questions about issues like traffic or development. I'm certain he will continue being a strong advocate and community partner when he is re-elected.

Katy McLean endorses Jeff Knoll

Katy McLean

Oakville Resident

I have known Jeff Knoll and his family for many years now, and had the pleasure of being employed for my first job at Film.Ca Cinemas where I spent the entirety of my high school years. I have always known Jeff to have a community-first mindset, and that is a trait that has always stuck with me. Over the years I have participated in many pancake breakfasts, santa claus parades and various other family programs. It is at these events where I got to experience first hand the importance Jeff Knoll places on supporting families, building community and ensuring he is a strong advocate for the people of Oakville.

Dennis Timbrell endorses Jeff Knoll

Dennis Timbrell

Former MPP, Cabinet Minister 1971-1985
Jeff's Father-in-Law

As I told a number of people at their doors, 'the fact that a candidate's father-in-law comes out to support him has to tell you he's a good guy to vote for October 22nd!'"

Endorsement of Jeff Knoll

Qiyuan Jin and Suqing Sheng

Ward 5 Residents

We are Qiyuan Jin and Suqing Sheng. We live in Ward 5 and we support Jeff Knoll because Jeff works hard on helping the well-being of seniors in the community. We love Jeff Knoll.

Tao Tao endorses Jeff Knoll

Tao Tao

Ward 5 Resident

I am very happy and confident with Jeff Knoll as my Ward 5 Regional Councillor, and comparing to other politicians I know, Jeff is not only our great representative, but very good friend for the neighbourhood. I have no doubt to choose him to be there to work for us. A good man and dedicated leader, Jeff has done very great job. There are lots of ways to see Jeff has such great desire to make Oakville the best place to live and Ward 5 a nice area for us to stay. It is my great honour to choose him as our Councillor as long as he is available.

Callum James endorses Jeff Knoll

Callum James

Ward 5 Resident

I've known Jeff since we first moved to our neighbourhood in 2002. Jeff and his family work tirelessly on behalf of all our community members. His optimism is inspiring and is balanced by his practical entrepreneurial approach to getting things done. It is easy to see why his Council colleagues put their trust in him. Jeff has integrity and compassion. It is my pleasure to call him a friend, neighbour and fully-engaged community representative.

Emmett Sullivan endorses Jeff Knoll

Emmett Sullivan

Ward 5 Resident

I met Jeff in the middle of his first campaign in Oakville in 2000. I liked his literature and wanted to help him out. I saw over that first campaign how practical and straight forward he was and I appreciated that. I knew if he won that Oakville would be in good hands. 18 years later, I still think Jeff is that same good person, who can keep a good eye on where Oakville is going. I endorse him for re election, he is a great councilor for Oakville and an all around very caring guy.

Dazan Jiang endorses Jeff Knoll

Dazan Jiang

Ward 5 Resident

Jeff Knoll should be re-elected for Ward 5, I strongly believe his talent, leadership, passion, and 18years of councillor experience will benefit the community. We need to have Jeff at the table to continue his work in preserving our past, and protecting our future. I am glad endorse his re-election to serve the community of Ward 5.

Kurt Morrison endorses Jeff Knoll

Kurt Morrison

Oakville Resident

Having grown up in the north Oakville community, I have had the privilege of knowing Jeff Knoll for the majority of my life, through his years as counsellor of Ward 5 and working for him. Over that period of time, I have come to realize how genuinely amazing a counsellor he truly is. His ability to manage residents concerns, questions and expectations has allowed for both development and community engagement unlike any other region in Oakville. As our ward continues to change, Jeff has been at the forefront of it all and has been the face and backbone of us here in Ward 5. On October 22nd, vote for Jeff and continue to know that our little piece of Oakville is in the right hands.

Olivia Luo endorses Jeff Knoll

Olivia Luo

Ward 5 Resident

I am supporting Jeff Knoll because I have been very impressed by his passion, professionalism, and strong advocate for the community. I am pleased to endorse his candidacy for re-election.

Dr. Teddy Chung endorses Jeff Knoll

Dr. Teddy Chung

Ward 5 Business Operator

We had the good fortune of buying our first house on the same street as Jeff and Michelle Knoll over 15 years ago. They are so dedicated to the well being of the community and work tirelessly to make the neighbourhood a wonderful place to live and work. I am also a proud business owner in Ward 5 and it has been a pleasure to watch the community continue to grow and develop with the help of Jeff and Michelle. I trust that Jeff will continue to address and serve the needs of the community in the best manner possible. Lead the way, Jeff!

Jayne Hoogenberk endorses Jeff Knoll

Jayne Hoogenberk

Director, Digital Communications at TSquared Marketing
Oakville Resident

It is a pleasure to endorse Jeff Knoll for re-election as Regional and Town Councilor in Ward 5. I believe that when a community votes for a representative, that vote is an investment in our community’s future and Jeff’s leadership in supporting small business growth and the many improvements in Ward 5 have proven that a vote for Jeff is a solid investment. Jeff’s commitment to reducing traffic gridlock and aircraft noise, to keep fighting for reasonable, sustainable and mitigated development and continued responsible spending and taxation ensure that the communities of Ward 5 are well served.

Michael Spence endorses Jeff Knoll

Michael Spence

Ward 5 Resident

My wife Wendy and I have known and been neighbours with Jeff Knoll and his fine family for 20 years in Oakville. I have been involved in politics at various levels since I was a teenager and can quite easily say that I have never met or worked with a better candidate for local public office. Jeff is a truly dedicated and effective leader in our community who truly cares about the people in our town and backs up his commitments with action. Not only is Jeff a passionate advocate for our town’s excellence and sustainable growth, but he also has a keen sense of the importance of our environment, heritage and culture… things that most other candidates really don’t understand. Test him with some questions if you get a chance! Jeff is genuine community builder and advocate for his constituents with a track record that speaks for itself. Our entire family and our group of friends will be marking our ballots for Jeff Knoll this October!

Gary Pearson endorses Jeff Knoll

Gary Pearson

Ward 5 Resident

Everyone who works in the Arts in Oakville knows Jeff because he comes out in person to support our efforts to make Oakville Canada's Most Livable Town, from the point of view of the Arts. Festivals, music, book launches, film, theatre productions, comedy and art events have all been supported by Jeff, both on council and in person by attending and being part of it all. Jeff understands that the arts are all part of a good full life in Oakville and he has my vote.

Roxas the Rescue Beagle endorses Jeff Knoll

Roxas The Rescue Beagle

Ward 5 Resident

I first came to Ward 5 with a nice lady named Dolores who said she'd help me find a home. Boy, did she ever find me a great home! Jeff took me home and gave me treats and toys and my own bed. The Knoll family even taught me how to shake paws and roll over, and gave me a blanket I like to carry around! When I got sick, they made sure I was comfortable and had a nice doctor come visit me. When I got better they were so happy they gave me even more toys and treats! I'd vote for Jeff (but I'm not allowed to because of speciesism), and you should, too!

Jasvinder Sandhu endorses Jeff Knoll

Jasvinder Sandhu

Ward 7 Candidate

The Sandhu and Knoll families are intertwined. Though not by blood, we consider each of them family. We laugh and cry together and most importantly, support each other. Jeff has been a leader in the community for years, but I've known him as a fun-loving dad whose children are of similar age to me. He wholeheartedly supports my decision to run for Council and has been a tremendous resource in his support and mentorship in this campaign, as well as life. I am so proud to endorse Jeff's re-election.

Robert Steadman endorses Jeff Knoll

Robert Steadman

Past President - River Oaks Association of Residents (ROAR)

As October 22, election day, approaches, we all think about who to vote for. Our family used to live in Ward 5 in the River Oaks areas of Oakville. We were involved in the community, and I even had a small stint as the President of the River Oaks Association of Residents. Through those years on interaction and communication with Jeff, he has always been professional, sincere and dedicated to serving the people of Oakville. People like Jeff, who have integrity and passion are those that we should stand up and support. As a business man, family man, and community minded advocate, Jeff deserves the support of the residents of Ward 5, and Oakville will be well-served with the return of Jeff as the Local and Regional Councillor.